Double Sink wall hung wash Basin

If you need additional countertop space, consider installing a double sink basin. This type of basin has two sinks side by side. They are typically installed under cabinets or in a small alcove. You can use them as an alternative to a standard basin or as a second sink.

Advantages Of Wall Hung Wash Basins

They Are Easy To Install

You can easily install these wash basins by yourself without any help. All you need to do is to hang them on the wall using the hooks provided with the product.

They Save Space

These wash basins save space because they take less room than the traditional ones. This means that you will not require much space in your bathroom.

They Look Great
You can also choose between different designs and styles. If you are looking for something unique, then you should go for the custom made ones.
They Are Durable
These are durable because they are made up of strong materials. They are easy to clean as well.
They Are Affordable
You will not need to spend much money on these washbasins. They are very affordable.