There is a saying in Japan that one of the secrets of longevity is to take frequent baths and hot springs. There are not many places with hot springs, but taking a bath is relatively easy. Especially for parents, proper bathing can bring many benefits to the body and mind.

The bathroom is exquisite

When taking a bath, the waist is stressed and the blood circulates under the legs to the heart, which can promote blood circulation, vasodilation, and relieve fatigue. Through a series of actions, cells in the body are activated and immunity is enhanced.

The buoyancy of the bathwater allows one-ninth of its own gravity to be offset, which relaxes the usually tense muscles and joints, soothes nerves, reduces brain stimulation, and helps sleep.

If you have an elderly person in your home, measure your body temperature, pulse, and blood pressure before taking a bath to see if it is abnormal. If you feel uncomfortable, you should not rush into the bath. The best bath time is 10-20 minutes, and the water temperature is 38-40 degrees. The temperature difference of the water should not be too large, so as not to cause rapid changes in blood pressure, The location of the bathtub is also particular. Soaking the whole body in water will cause pressure on the heart, so it is best to put the water below the belly button and soak it in a half-body bath.

A perfect bathtub in a good bathroom
To enjoy the relaxation of the bathtub with the family, how to choose the right style?

1. Look at the bathroom size and budget. The artificial stone bathtub has a high-end texture. If the budget is sufficient, an atmospheric artificial stone bathtub can make the bathroom instantly have a hot spring atmosphere, but it is only suitable for bathrooms with a large space; a separate bathtub is simple and neat, and can also have a comfortable bath Space, cost pressure will be less.

2. Before installing the bathtub in the bathroom, three important factors should be confirmed: the size of the bathtub, the drainage hole, and the skirt. In this way, you will not worry about the size when installing, and the drainage will be smoother in the future. When installing, also consider the width required when entering the door, the transportation path, etc.

3. The location of the drain hole is best to be installed in a place where the bathtub drain can directly flow into it. It can not become a dry and wet separation space when flowing to the ground, and it is easy to fall. It is recommended to install two drainage pipes, one connected to the bathtub, and the other combined with a proper drain slope to avoid difficulty to discharge water vapor.
4. For bathtubs with a skirt design, check whether there is a skirt on one side and determine the left and right directions before installing the bathtub according to the position of the drain and the wall.
5. Understand the quality of the product. Bathtub quality is very important. If you buy inferior products, you may encounter the risk of sudden or injury; therefore, when purchasing related bathtub brands, you should choose products from well-known brands in the industry and powerful companies. This is undoubtedly the best choice. T&W Sanitary Ware established in 2003 and manufacturing high-end bathtubs. In the past 17 years, we have gained rich experience and grown rapidly. We have become one of the biggest manufacturers of bathtubs in China. Most of our products are CUPC &CE certified.
If there are children or the elderly at home, remember to install handrails next to the bathtub, and put a non-slip carpet on the floor to prevent slipping in the bath and give the family a more comfortable bathing experience.