Wash basins are an integral part of the bathroom and among other bathroom accessories, these are one of the most difficult ones to select. To have an aesthetically pleasing, economic and genuinely purpose built wash basin, one must take a lot of factors into consideration.

To choose the perfect wash basin design and add that touch of comfort and class to your sanitary ware and bathroom in general, you must understand about the different types and categories that wash basins fall under:

1. Counter top wash basins:

These wash basins can certainly make a huge difference to the entire feel and look of your bathroom. Usually, there are two types of counter top wash basins.

– If you’re looking for a stylish and modern look, ‘Over the counter’ wash basins are the way to go! Make sure it’s set in a way that allows easy access to the basin.

– ‘Under the counter’ basins are also a good alternative, as it’s easier to clean them. The rim isn’t visible, as the basin is fitted in the counter itself.

2. Pedestal wash basins:

Pedestal wash basins are relatively smaller in size and come with a pedestal that enhances bathroom aesthetics by hiding the drain pipe. You can either choose two separate units with a pedestal and detachable basin or just a single block. 

3. Wall mounted wash basins:

As the name suggests, these wash basins are mounted on the wall inside your bathroom. These basins come in smaller sizes and are much lighter in comparison to other types of wash basins. These basins are easier to clean, as they have ample space right beneath them. 

4. Table top wash basins:

These easy to install and thin rimmed basins have better water holding capacity and absolutely enhance the style quotient further in the bathroom. Minimal water splash and overall higher strength are also some qualities table top wash basins boast of. These kinds of wash basins can easily be fit on a table, counter or any surface for that matter!