Wash basins are very common in bathroom decoration. There are many styles, heights, and sizes of wash basins on the market. What kind of wash basin is more suitable has become a problem that people have to consider, so common wash basin height and size What? How to choose the height and size of the wash basin?

I、The height and size of the wash basin.

Generally, the installation dimension of the sink should be about 550mm. Many families are small, in order to save space, the width of the sink is reduced, but even if the width is reduced, it cannot be less than 300mm. In addition, 550mm total 1100mm space should be reserved on both sides of the wash basin.

Nowadays, the standard size of the washbasin is usually 750mm for the above countertop and 850mm for the under counter. In addition, when installing the wash basin, you should also make a decision based on the actual situation of the family members, such as height.


II. How to choose the height and size of the wash basin?

1. Choose according to the size of the space

The wash basins currently on the market are roughly divided into freestanding Wall hung wash basin and counter wash basin. The freestanding wall hung wash basin is beautiful in appearance, small in footprint, and easy to maintain. It is more suitable for bathrooms with small spaces. But it needs to be equipped with a mirror box or a washstand to place some washing utensils, etc.; and the counter wash basin, although the counter wash basin can be placed on the countertop and the cabinet below can also store things, but at least occupies the space of a small desk.

2. Contrast between depth and strength

Generally speaking, the depth of the wash basin should be proportional to the intensity of the water flow of the faucet, that is, deep pools can be installed with strong water faucets. The bottom of the pool must also have enough curvature, not too flat, otherwise, water will stay in it.


3. Height and width

Whether it is a freestanding wall hung wash basin or a counter wash basin, the height of the pool or countertop from the ground must be within 80~85 cm. Too high is inconvenient to operate, and too short can cause low back pain. The width of the sink surface is generally 60~80 cm, but it can also be increased according to personal preference and bathroom area.