What is solid surface Bathtub?

Solid surface used in any surface, either countertops, sinks or kitchens or vanities it looks great. Bathtubs made of solid surface looks warm, smooth, durable and gorgeous when placed in any bathrooms. A bathtub that enhances your bathroom interior, what more can one dream of? Solid Surface bathtubs are more comprehensive in terms of properties and considered to be the top-performing material in sanitary industry.
Solid surface is all time favorite material and gains popularity among the rest due to its great appearance, quality and benefits.

What is solid surface?

A solid surface is a manmade material that is synthetically manufactured and composed with a blend of different types of natural minerals, synthetic materials and plant-based resins and polymers. Opaly Solid surface is the best material that can be easily poured and seamlessly molded into many custom sizes, shapes and designs. It can be made as per need of your interior requirement.
Due to its luxuriously smooth texture and heat-retention properties, Oplay Solid Surface material is a popular choice for bathtubs in the world. Another benefitting property that Solid surface bathtub holds is that its wall remains warm to the touch and one can enjoy bathing for longer without adding hot water.

What are the Pros & Cons of Solid Surface Bathtub?

Pros of solid surface

-Nonporous and hygienic

-Naturally resistant to stains, mildew, and mold

-Seamless look and appearance as it offers one-piece surface

-Low-maintenance, Easy to clean

-Easily repairable and maintained.

-Retains a brand-new appearance for years.

-Smooth, velvety texture, high gloss finish can also me assembled.

-Many Color options available;

-Consistent and non-fading color throughout.

-Available in many shapes and sizes

-Highly durable, Retains heat



Cons of solid surface

-This material is quite heavy.

-Relatively expensive if custom made but in the long run it’s the most ideal solution.

What Shapes & Sizes do Solid Surface BathTub come in?

It is very flexible and has moldable properties. Solid surface tubs are therefore considered to be more ideal for any bath areas. Solid surface bathtubs are easily available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and installation options.
One can choose to design from drop in to freestanding or under mount option or can chose to make alcove and even corner tubs in different conceivable shapes. Likely; Rectangular Tubs, Classic Oval or Sculpted Hourglass, Slipper Silhouettes, Space-Conserving Rounds and never the less Square Tubs are few famous shapes. These tubs can be made in sizes as desired. Some people even ask for a solid surface Air Tub that can turn an ordinary bath time into extraordinary leisure time for the owner.

How can Solid Surface Bathtub be maintained?

Solid surface material due to its natural antibacterial properties makes it easy to clean and maintain. It easily resists mold, mildew, and staining. Being non impervious to scratches or abrasions, it becomes easy to repair surface damage.

It is very easy to maintain solid surface tub as compare to the other commercial material based tubs;

-Easy to rinse and dry. Use warm water to rinse after each use and for best results wipe it with a soft cloth.

-Always use nonabrasive, mild cleaning solutions. Abrasive products are harmful and can cause marks.

-Avoid products or solutions that contain acid or ammonia.

-In case of scratches on a solid surface tub, rub the surface gently to buff with fine-grit sandpaper and wipe off dust with soft cloth.

-A polishing compound can also be used to polish the surrounding surfaces.