‘It’s a bathtub! Why would I need to put such thought into deciding which one to use?’

To think that bathtubs are just there to bathe and relax in is a bit of an understatement. They often play a key role in your bathroom design, able to transform or break an ideal lavatory ensemble. They are one of the many vital focal points of your bathroom with the ability to completely modify your style to one of elegant and splendor or to one of imbalance and instability. Here, we’ll be looking into the enduring traits of solid surface bathtubs, read along with us to find out if they would be an exemplary addition to your bathroom design.


Great Heat Retention – A mixture of acrylic resin, aluminum powder and a mineral materials give the bathtub an ability to store heat overtime and keep water warm for longer.
Solid Feel – Due to a mixture of ground-up minerals blended in to the composition of these types of tubs, they provide a sense of heightened solidity and structural stability.

Effortless Repair – Easily saving you from the frustratingly headache-inducing difficulties of complex or hard to repair operations and maintenance, solid surface bathtubs allow for an easy repair of any blemishes or physical damages through a careful and simple sanding and buffing process to return the tub back to its original condition.

Available in Vast Array of Modern Designs – The marketplace is overflowing with an extensive collection of solid surface bathtubs, each with their own character of personality and style.


Heavy – Solid Surface bathtubs are heavier by weight in contrast to other types of bathtubs, such as acrylic tubs.

Expensive – These styles for bathtubs seem to be more costly, in comparison to others types of available tubs in the market.

It’s a given that to truly enjoy your bathing experience, the bathtub must be the ideal choice for your preferences. Even bathtubs could easily upset the balance of your beautifully styled bathroom, but they can also offer a graceful touch up of style and reassuring functionality once you find your ideal bathtub choice. The bathtub experience is sure to be a luxurious one to start off your day or wrap up the final hours of an exhausting day, make sure to consider all your options before settling on that final bathtub you’ll surely be using for the lifetime of your bathroom.