If you appreciate contemporary bathroom designs, you will certainly appreciate our fine selection of aesthetically pleasing modern soaking tubs. These modern soaking tubs could be drop in or freestanding, they have been specially designed to be practical yet pleasing to the eyes. Lines are simple and clean, designs as a whole are subtlety elegant.

Modern soaking tubs range from rectangular to round in shape, and can be installed away from the wall, or even in the middle of a room for a truly unique look. Whether drop in or freestanding, the modern soaking tubs can bring a sense of sophistication and relaxation to bathrooms both large and small.

The modern soaking tubs from Monblari come in a wide range of sizes and shapes – one of which is sure to complement the decor and size of your bathroom. Previously thought of as a 'high ticket' item, modern soaking tubs have been appearing more and more in the middle market. Now, modern soaking tubs can fit in with virtually any budget and are an easy way for your bathroom to exude style and sophistication.

Depending on the specific tub chosen, our modern soak tubs come with standard features that range from multiple air jets strategically placed for comfort and therapeutic benefit to scum-resistant surfaces that are durable and easy to clean.