Bathtubs can be made of many materials, such as steel, cast iron, wood, stone etc. Acrylic bathtub is still the most popular tub which is a common sight in modern bathroom. Why? The advantages of acrylic bathtubs make them the ideal choices for current bathroom decors.

1. Abundant Shapes and Dimensions

Because acrylic comes in sheets that are soft and malleable, acrylic bathtubs come in a large variety of shapes, dimensions, and colors. Whether you are planning a small functional bathroom or a large whirlpool tub, this wide assortment of tub styles can increase your options when designing a bathroom.

2. Heat Retaining Properties
Acrylic bathtubs have a smooth nonporous surface which is warm to touch in normal temperatures and has very good heat-retaining properties, keeping water warm for a longer time than some other bathtub materials. Cast iron bathtubs and those made from stone or steel are cold to touch, it also affects the temperature of the water inside them, causing it to lose its heat faster, making a long soak very difficult. However, acrylic bathtubs keep water toastier for longer, make it easier to enjoy a long, relaxing soaking in warm bathtub before the water gets too chilly.

3. Easy to Clean

Tubs made of acrylic are easy to clean. Cast acrylic is nonporous, meaning dirt, grime and mildew don't sink into the material. Fiberglass bathtub, however, is a very porous material, and once dirty, making it look like new again is not an easy task. An acrylic bathtub, on the other hand, needs just a spritz of cleaner and a few wipes from a cloth. In order to maintain the acrylic bathtub better, avoid using products that are corrosive to plastic, such as acetone.

4. Staying in Good Condition

Acrylic tubs are tough and durable, and if they do suffer minor damage, they're often easier to repair than tubs made from other materials. If an acrylic tub gets a scratch, it can be treated, much like a car, by buffing the mark with a liquid polisher. Scratches can also be treated by rubbing gently with wet, 1500-grit sandpaper, followed by a thorough polishing. Furthermore, acrylic baths are made of solid-colored materials, so the color won't rub off or fade. Acrylic bathtub is easily affordable for its not expensive raw materials and non-complex producing skills, but the life span is as long as at least 20 years of bathing experiences.